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Yoga in Garner

Yoga has many benefits, including: stress relief, a stronger immune system, more energy and better sleep quality.

One of the great things about a yoga studio in Garner is that classes are offered for all levels so anyone can join! With a wide variety of classes offered at DanceArt Fit, we have something for everyone, so come by today!

Yoga strengthens your body, mind and spirit

Yoga helps you sleep at night

Yoga improves your flexibility and balance

Yoga calms your brain and increases your focus

Yoga improves your mental health



A hot, fun playlist! Mixed with Yoga! Activate deep core muscles paired with shaking and vibration. Primal movement, cardio dance, and conditioning are woven throughout balanced yoga sequencing to give you an ALL-IN-ONE workout that helps you transform your BODY + SOUL. You’ll burn 600-1000 calories per class.

All Levels Flow

Great for beginners and suitable for all levels. Explore the strong connection of mindful movement where each class will be unique & creative. A blend of core and flow to offer you a mind, body, & spirit experience.


Yoga with small weights to build strength and stability. A total body workout with music, breath, and movement to increase endurance & sculpt muscle groups.

Yoga Fundamentals

This class is designed for beginners but beneficial for any practitioner of yoga. We will work on a sequence of poses each week; the modifications, advancements, alignment and transitions for your unique anatomy. This class will also include the history and breakdown of why you are doing what you are doing in each pose.

Class Schedule


7:30pm - Yin Restorative Flow (Chrissy)


7:30pm - ButiYoga (Kristin)


7:30pm - All Levels Flow (Ashley)


7:30pm - ButiYoga (Kristin)


6:30pm - Fun Flow (Morgan)


9:00am - ButiYoga (Kristin)


4:30pm - Yoga Fundamentals (Morgan)


5 Class Pass


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Unlimited Class Pass

$99 80

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$80 Month to Month

No Long Term Contracts

Want to join one class at a time? Drop In: $15/class

Yoga Instructors


I first started practicing yoga in the early 2000's and my practice consisted mostly of a home practice. Two and a half years ago I was introduced to Buti Yoga and my world changed immediately. I became certified as a Buti Yoga Instructor in August of 2017 then pursued my RYT-200 at Glow Yoga in 2018. Through Buti Yoga, I found more body confidence, more freedom to move and express myself and a better sense of who I am. In Buti Yoga, we draw on Primal energy and movement to nurture our bodies and thrive. Buti is unwavering in its commitment to demanding support and connection among students. I want to empower our community to form these connections and support each other in our pursuit of health and happiness. Join our Clayton Buti Tribe today and let's sweat with intention.


I discovered yoga 7 years ago while pregnant with my son. I found myself coming back to my practice through every challenging phases; until ultimately I figured out it was my answer. Not only do I believe in its healing properties but I love sharing the wisdom behind it. I consider myself a student always and grateful to help students on their journey through Yoga. Through the mind, body, connection there are infinite discoveries waiting to be learned, or unlearned. The beautiful thing about Yoga it’s different for each student and there for us always.


I began my yoga journey 3 years ago when I tagged along with a few friends to a yoga flow class. I was immediately hooked and have found yoga an essential part of my mental health care routine. As a third-grade teacher by day, I use my yoga practice to find peace, clarity, and calm in my otherwise very busy life. My love for yoga led me to Glow Yoga's teacher training, where I officially became certified in July 2020.


Dedicated to bring body awareness through mindfulness and movement. Chrissy is the energy behind Mindful Motion. Her training began in 2016 at Tittibha Yoga School. She was serving a Children’s Ministry and seeking tools for mind/body awareness and replenishment for herself and family. With having the desire to reach personal wellness and strength in a low-stress paced build. Chrissy looks to foster a safe community to study, grow, teach and serve others.

Training touched on subjects of alignment principles, anatomy, the body systems, nutrition/Ayurveda, trauma sensitivities, among subjects related to boundaries and the releases of habit and addiction to establish healthy practices. Chrissy graduated with 200 hours registering through Yoga Alliance and has accumulated over a thousand hands on teaching hours since and advancing to Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 250), and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP).

Chrissy has furthered her studies through assorted Continued Education opportunities, one standing out as a completion of 50 hour Mastery Program offered at the facility of Duke Integrative Medicine in 2017. This training provided experience for teaching to vulnerable populations and hands-on safely modifying postures, and those new to yoga.

Chrissy attained additional certifications to expand through studies of coaching, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, as well as equipped with tools to further reach children and teach curriculum at their level. Currently she is earning an additional 300 hour RYT training, as well as enrolled in Leadership Training. Chrissy is grateful for each connection that has sharpened her experience, as well as each educational and mentorship opportunity. All of which bud further into the development of Mindful Motion which she uses to serve her home and our community.

Chrissy loves working for North Carolina Departmentc of Environmental Quality and teach class at DanceArt Yoga Studio, while raising 3 children.

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